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Dweik & Co. History
Dweik & Co. (Audit & Consult Consortium) is a private shareholding company with three shareholders. The firm was established in March 28, 1985 as an audit firm. In 1987 the firm started to offer management and financial consulting services, and in March 1988 the firm obtained the membership with Clark Kenneth Leventhal International (now AGN - International). Early 1996 the Firm join Moores Rowland International -MRI International (MRI). In 2006 the Firm changed its international tie to join The Leading Edge Alliance (LEA) Upto March 2020.
Staff Members
The staff currently comprises a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and a group of senior consultants, senior auditors, semi - seniors and juniors , in addition , the firm cooperate with a group of specialized consultants to perform the consulting engagements on a job basis.
The Firm's offices located on the 4th floor of an office building in a banking / commercial area. The full address of the firm is:
Shmiesani, next to the Safeway
Cairo Amman Branch building # (96)
P.O. Box 141 138 Amman 11 814 Jordan
Tel: (06) 5 692 232 / (06) 5 692 261 Fax: (06) 5 692 262