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The firm currently has different range of audit assignments and a growing consultative practice ( This encompassed bank required financial statements and reports on debt restructuring , fair value assessment for collateral and work on behalf of financial enterprises ) in addition to accountancy and taxation assignments .
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It is a well known fact that the economic enterprises are always in need for specialized consultative services, either to plan, to restructure, to specify the feasibility and the size of the enterprise itself, or to facilitate solving its problems, weakness as of efficiency and to plan for its expansion.
Enterprises need consultative services for the purpose of revision, evaluation and control, especially if the economic cycle is facing inflation or recession. In this connection, enterprises should cope with the new circumstances so as to maximize revenues or minimize losses.
Therefore,there would be a need for well-organized professional firm to facilitate and provide specialized technical, professional and other consultative services, which our Audit & Consult Consortium (Dweik Co.) endeavors to provide through a well - trained experienced staff.
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