Performed Assignment
Among a long list of our clients that is shown later on, here-blow are examples of major clients that we served, or we still serving:

Petra Bank " Under Liquidation "
We started auditing the financial statements of the said bank since 1998 and still. It does worth to mention that our Partner in Charge, for a term of three years, was a member of the Official Appraisal Committee of Petra Bank / Under Liquidation that Committee was responsible for assessing and appraising all the assets, debts projects and branches owned by the Bank, or were acquired by the Bank.

Jordan Securities Commission
We offer operational due diligence and review of performance, assessments of the financial statements of the Jordanian Brokerage Companies conducted for the favor of the Jordan Securities Commission as Financial Adviser, to assess the compliance with the related regulatory Laws in force.

Ministry Of Industry And Trade
We offer operational due diligence and review of performance, assessments of the financial statements of the Jordanian Companies conducted for the favor of the Companies' Controller of the Ministry, to assess the compliance with the related regulatory Laws and International Financial Reporting Standards in force. 

Our Partner in Charge participated other six Swedish experts from Swedish International Services – Swedserve AB during 1998 to conduct a Proposed Financial Management Systems Reform in the Central Government Administration of Jordan for the purpose of introducing the Performance Budgeting instead of Line Budgeting. The said Project included introducing performance auditing for the Public Sector (in cooperation with Jordanian Audit Bureau. The assignment was financed by UNDP.

Palestine Bank / Ghaza Strip
A due diligence assignment for branching scheme in Jordan for Palestine Bank /Ghaza Strip were conducted in 2001/2002. This scheme was based on reviewing and analyzing the financial statements of the Bank for the last five years, along with reviewing the Business Plan for the next five years. The said study was delivered to the Central Bank of Jordan.

Jordan Export Development & Commercial Centers Corp.(JEDCO)
In 2001, our Firm prepared the local Arabic version of “ How To Approach Banks Guide-Jordan”, for the favor of JEDCO - Jordan and INTERNATIONAL TRADE CENTER UNICTAD / TWO. This Guide is addressed to small and medium enterprises and aimed at helping them in explaining ways and means of obtaining trade credit from banks – addresses assessing of financial needs; payment methods and related credit facilities for trade transactions; reviews types of financial institutions and provides hints on how to approach them, to prepare a business plan and to negotiate for short-term credit.
Our Major Audit Clients:
• Petra Bank- Under Liquidation (Plc.): still - (06) 4627311
• Real-Estate Trading and Investment Co. (Plc.): still - (06) 5639953
• Altajamouat for Touristic Projects Co. (Plc.): were - (06) 5670090
• Al Janoub Filters Manufacturing Co. (Plc.): still - (06) / 5699245
• Inma Investment & Financial Advances Co. (Plc.): still - (06) 5672674
• Jordan Press & Publishing (AD-Dustour) Co. (Plc.): were - (06) 5664153
• Jordan United For Investment Co./Amman National University: still (06) 5344865
• Sulti Brothers Co. Ltd,: still / (06) 4161990
• Banking & Financial Scientific Colleges Est. Ltd,: still / (06) 5816125
• General Maintenance Co. Ltd,: still / (06) 5810141
• Technological Industrial Group Co. Ltd,: still / (06) 4203155
• New world Textile Co. Ltd,: still / (06) 4020330
• United Iron And Steel MFG. Co. Ltd,: still / (06) 4460225
• Arab Industrialists Co. Ltd,: still / (06) 42031878
• Consultants Consortium for Eng. & Cons. Co. Ltd,: still / (06) 4644088
• Danish Jordanian Dairy Co. Ltd,: still / (06) 5344780
• Sigma - Consulting Engineers: still / (06) 5661031
• Specialty Hospital Co. Ltd,: still / (06) 5693693
• Specialized Technical Services Co. Ltd,: still (STS) / (06) 5802626
• Jordan Concrete Co. Ltd,: were / (06) 5855110
• Adoptive Tec. Systems ATS: were / (06) 5162001 -5154302
• Jordan Sulpho-chemicals Co. still / (05) 3650434
• Arabian Seas Insurance Company: still (06) 4640101
• Arina Hotels Ltd, : still (06) 5515550
• Arab Bridge Maritime Company: still (03) 2092000
• Pan-World for Investment Ltd,.: (06) 5811046
• Progressive Agricultural Investment Co.
• Al Alem Al Arabi Co.
• Special Graduate Studies University.
• Jordan Diary (plc).
• Al-Shaeq For General Investments.
Due Diligence Assigmments
• Pipe - UK Ltd,.
• Al Inma Investment & Financial Facilities Co.(plc).
• ABB-SD / Aqaba Al Zaytoonah Univ. Investment Co.
• Al Zaytoonah Univ. Investment Co. Al Muwasah Hospital.
• Al Muwasah Hospital Sendbad Marine Co. / Aqaba.
• Al Zain Trading Co.
• Jordanian Poly propylene Ind. Co. Ltd,.
• Arab Printers Co. ( Plc. )
• Jordan Specialized Investments (Plc.) Holding Co.
• Ready - Mix Concrete And Construction Shareholding Co.
• American Mid-East University
• Middle East for Investments and finance Co
• Al Sief International For Supper Tiles Co.
• Universal Mining Company
• Public Transport Regulatory Commission
• Arab Bridge Maritime Company
• Arab Bridge Maritime Company
• Khayyat Co. (Alpha for Cars Co.)
Feasibility Studies Conducted
Appraisal and Investigation
• Petra Bank-Under Liquidation
• Jerusalem International Hotel
• Jordan Upgrading Modernization Program (JUMP)
• Inma For Investments & Financial Facilities Co. (Plc)
• The Specialty Hospital Co. (Ltd.,)
• Consolidated Consultants
Other Financial Assignments
• Swedish International Services "Swedserv AB"
• Jordan Export Development & Commercial Centers Corp.(JEDCO)
• Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities
• Palestine Bank / Ghaza Strip
• Al-Janoub Filters Manufacturing Co. (P.L.C.)
Design and Implementation of Structures
The re-engineering and structure assignments engaged by our firm include different engagements offered to different enterprises and sectors such as:
• Jordan Rock - Wool Industries Co. (Plc)
• Real – Estate Investment Co. (Plc.)
• Jordanian Medical Enterprise Co. (Plc.)
• Applied Sciences University Co. (Plc.)
• Consolidated Consultants
• Pan-world for Investment
• Progressive Agr. Investment Co.
• Al Mowasah Hospital
• Rawdhit Al Ma’arif Schools & College
• Adoptive TechSoft - ATS
• Jordanian Cypriot Construction Industries Co. Ltd.
• Jordan Silos & Supply General Co. (plc)
• Petro-chemical Intermediate Industries Wathba Investment Co.
• Abu Eishah for Construction Co.
• Arab Scientist for Education Co.
• Special Graduate Studies University
Companies Secretarial Startups
• Ready–Mix Concrete & Construction Supplies (Plc) Co.
• Jordanian Specialized Inv. Co. (Holding Company ).
• Technological Industrial Group Co.
• Al-Jameel For Financial Investments (Plc) .
• Al Fajer El Jadeed for Agriculture Inve- stments & Food - stuff Industries (Plc.)
Training Activities
We used to conduct training courses, upon request, to different parties such as: Jordan Management Institute/ Audit Bureau – Amman, Ras Al Khaima Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture – UAE, and clients of different sectors.
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